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Brett Campbell

Owner | Performance Coach

TPI & CFSC Certified

Born and raised in Ocala, FL, I first became passionate about athletic performance through soccer. After attending the University of Tampa for Exercise Science and playing on the mens soccer team, I began assisting with biomechanics testing with professional baseball teams during Spring Training and then eventually found my way to what would become owning and operating an athlete performance facility in South Tampa called Diesel Fitness. 


During my time at Diesel (2015-2022) I had the unique opportunity to assess, analyze, and coach some of the best athletes in MLB, PGA, MLS, and NFL. 

After exiting Diesel Fitness and taking time off to start a family, I am bringing my passion, expertise, and drive to start Routine Strength, an online performance training platform that will will allow me to help athletes make a lasting impact on their career.

"Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes."

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